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Personal Injury

If you suffered serious personal injuries because of the negligence or carelessness of another, or if you lost a loved one in a wrongful death, Los Angeles personal injury attorney Robert Lemle can assist you in obtaining compensation for all you have gone through.

At Lemle Law Group we know money can’t heal the physical and emotional wounds the accident caused you and your loved ones. But we have seen many, many clients recover because they took action and refused to be victimized by the bullying of an insurance company or corporation. READ MORE


With the tough economic conditions we all have faced in the last few years, almost everybody’s financial lives have been affected. Bankruptcy is never anyone’s first choice, but sometimes it is necessary in order to "stop the financial bleeding so you can get back on your feet. Bankruptcy can save your home if it is being foreclosed on, resulting in a more affordable payment plan. If your car is being repossessed, it could save it. If you have medical bills they could be drastically reduced in a bankruptcy. Best of all, it allows you to eliminate most -- if not all -- of your debt so you can start debt-free. READ MORE